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  • boys giraffe pyjamas

    Twiga Pyjamas

    Boys Traditional Pyjamas with Giraffe Detail


Our luxury collection of children's cotton pyjamas and pyjama trousers comes in a wide range of colours, stripes and designs. Full pyjama sets are available for girls between the age of 2-14yrs. The boys pyjama sets also start at 2 years old but only go up to 10 years old as we find that very few boys like to wear jackets after this age. The pyjama bottoms are available from 9-14yrs and are perfect for teenagers. Our kids pyjamas and pyjama bottoms are available in both cooler classic cottons as well as warmer brushed cottons and all designs have a matching adult pair, allowing you to buy matching mother and daughter or father and son pyjamas. All manufactured in Great Britain.