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Extra long leg pyjamas

Our extra long leg pyjamas and pyjama bottoms are proving incredibly popular with tall women and men. We have always been committed to providing pj's that fit properly, so with this in mind mind many of our styles are available in an extra long size, with extra length on the legs as well as the sleeves. Being tall has many advantages, but buying clothes is definitely not one, but at PJ Pan we are helping to solve this problem at no extra cost to our customers.

      • Thank you so much for doing an extra long leg. My very tall husband finds it impossible to buy long enough pyjama bottoms so we're very pleased to have found your site.
        Lucy, Newbury.
      • I am so pleased with the size and quality of your tall pyjamas - it's great to have pj bottoms in an extra long leg, especially up here in cold Scotland!
        Lisa, Edinburgh.
      • My husband is thrilled with his long leg pj bottoms. His comment was "super excellent, I'd like to order a second pair!".
        Susan, Warwick.

We do not charge a premium for catering for tall customers and we are constantly increasing our range of longer pyjamas, pj bottoms and nightshirts.  Height is not an issue when buying from PJ Pan!

men's extra long leg pyjamas & tall pyjama bottoms

Our extra long leg men’s pyjamas are available as full sets or just as pyjama bottoms. We currently offer the extra long leg in sizes M-XXL. Finding long leg pj's for tall men is now easy with PJ Pan’s extensive range. The 2 extra inches on the long trousers make them ideal for those with up to a 36” inside leg and the sleeves have also been lengthened by an inch to allow for longer arms.  Not long enough for you?  We do offer a bespoke service, so please get in touch if you'd like us to add a few more extra inches for you.

Ladies extra long leg pyjamas & tall pyjama bottoms

At PJ Pan we are proud to make many of our nightwear styles in an extra long length to fit tall ladies with enviably long legs. Many of our pyjamas and pyjama bottoms are available in extra long sizes with longer legs, longer sleeves and longer jackets.  We currently offer a 'tall' size which fits an inside leg of up to 34" and an 'extra tall' size which fits an inside leg of up to 36". The 'tall' size is available in a large number of our pyjamas and pyjama bottoms, but we have only recently introduced the new 'extra tall' size so we have started by trialling this new length in a few of our best-selling pyjamas and pyjama bottoms. We are continually adding to the range of pyjamas and pj bottoms that come in the 'extra tall' size.  Please note that the 'extra tall' size is not available in XS.

If a 36" inside leg still isn't long enough for you we do offer a bespoke service, so please get in touch if you'd like us to add a few more extra inches.

Several of our nightshirts are also available in two lengths, making them ideal for those who need that extra inch or two.