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  1. Pyjamas to match my fish?

    Pyjamas to match my fish?
    Imagine our surprise to hear from a customer looking for pyjamas to match his fish!  After double checking that we hadn't misheard the request and we weren't the victim of an obscure prank, our dalliance with the aquatic world of fish in pyjamas began. Our task was to find a pair of pjs that would match a 'Pyjama Wrasse'.  A...
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  2. Last Minute Ladies?

    Last Minute Ladies?
    According to a recent survey Christmas shoppers who complete all their gift-buying in November can expect to save more than £80 on their total spend. The research undertaken by Secretsales, who surveyed 2000 adults, revealed some interesting statistics. The survey tells us that 10% of shoppers begin their Christmas shopping during the January sales and nearly half of shoppers bought...
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  3. Spooky stuff

    Spooky stuff
    Hugh Hefner perpetually appears to be ready for bed and he seems to have pyjamas for just about every occasion.  A quick search on Google Images and you'll see him sporting an array of blue, green, purple and black pjs. It also goes without saying that in most of the snaps he's also arm in arm with a half naked...
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