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  1. Millions of Brits Spend their Evenings in Pyjamas

    Millions of Brits Spend their Evenings in Pyjamas
    A recent study has revealed that after a busy day at work millions of adults in the UK return home and immediately get into their pyjamas. The study, which was commissioned by Premier Inn,  found that one in ten of us gets straight into our nightwear immediately after arriving home from work. Typically, however, the British population tends to jump...
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  2. Are Pyjamas Saving Lives?

    Are Pyjamas Saving Lives?
    The health benefits of copper have been well known for a long time as it’s a vital trace element for all living things. Now clinical trials have begun to see if copper infused pyjamas really are a cure for the hospital superbug, MRSA? In December 2012 a woman nearly died after contracting MRSA, however she claims her life was saved...
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