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  1. Traditional pyjamas for traditional schools?

    Traditional pyjamas for traditional schools?
    When one conjures up the idea of a British boarding school the image of young teenagers sporting traditional flannel pyjamas, woollen dressing gowns and slippers springs to mind.  The likes of Harry Potter and his chums Ron and Hermione would be seen in nothing else in their dormitory at Hogwarts.  Preparatory school dormitories certainly resembled all this a few years ago...
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  2. The long and tall of it

    The long and tall of it
    When we launched PJ Pan we were determined to make comfortable pyjamas that fitted properly and that's why we avoided the option of just making three variations along the lines of small, medium and large. We started with five women's sizes ranging from an 8 to an 18 and a year later began offering numerous styles in a longer leg...
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