In 2014 we've have received an unprecedented amount of positive coverage from fashion and lifestyle bloggers both in the UK and the US.

US fashion and lifestyle bloggers

Californian blogger Dulce Gina was clearly over the moon with the pyjamas she ordered, commenting, "I really adore these pajama pants, and my husband loves how comfortable they are. I actually picked the men's pants for him, but must admit I wear them also because they are super comfortable. They are 100% cotton which means they are amazingly soft against the skin. My husband has been reaching for these pants almost every night after he gets home from work. He says they are his new favorite pants to lounge around in! These pj pants are wonderful! Being that all the products from PJ Pan are affordable I'm now going to buy more for everyone in my family so we all can be comfortable while we lounge around the house."

Suppose Anything Goes, a blog filled with 'style, travel, celebration, beauty, fitness, and things that will make you oh so happy' received a pair of Lazy Days pyjama bottoms and revealed "I have a special love for sleepwear. As much as I enjoy my old sorority sweatshirts, nothing beats slipping into beautiful fabrics with a flawless fit. I love the light, preppy stripes on my pair". She concluded they were "My new favourite lounge pants".

American blog Chin Up Buttercup explained one of the reasons why our nightwear is proving so popular in the States, "I received a special package from the UK. It was a wonderful pair of cotton pajama pants from PJ Pan! I absolutely adore these, and I’m seriously considering buying a full pajama set. The pajamas are 100% cotton- the ones I chose are Egyptian cotton- which are extremely hard to find in the US".

UK fashion and lifestyle bloggers

Lifestyle blog Ananyah was one of several that noticed our high quality standards, "When feeling the pyjamas and even looking at the stiching, you can tell that a lot of care has been put into creating a quality garment. The nightwear is all manufactured in the UK using the finest quality of cotton and the high regard for quality is even evident in the buttons which are made from real shells."

Sarah-Louse Bailey's well known 'Life in a Breakdown' blog had loads of positive comments, "The first thing I noticed about these bottoms was the beautiful softness of the cotton; it has been a long time since I have come across a cotton product quite as nice as this. While the first thing my Mum saw when I showed them to her, was the stitching. There has been obvious care put into the detailing of the bottoms, from the stitching around the seams and hems, to the tightly stitched edge around the waist tie, a part that is so often left to fray on many items."

The young up and coming fashion journalist that blogs under the handle 'The Girl In The Bowler Hat' also noted the quality, "Made of the finest cotton they're incredibly soft and perfect to just laze around in - especially as they do different leg lengths which is brilliant! Whenever I'm in the house 99.9% of the time I spend in my pjs and this adorably cute pair is quickly becoming one of my favourites. Plus I love its checked print!"

Sheawong, the self confessed writer, mum, wife, geek, gave us a glowing report, "The first thing you will notice is the feel – the 100% cotton pants are incredibly soft out of the packaging, with no stiffness or need to prewash. Stitching details are incredibly important to me (years of reinforcing stitches in theatre costume shops make me eagle eyed for this often overlooked process), and PJ Pan doesn’t disappoint. The quality of the garment’s design is simple, but exceedingly well done."

UK blogger Sweet Elyse took comfort from the quality, "Over the last six years in the business PJ Pan have established themselves as a leader in luxury nightwear that's affordable to all budgets. Do you ever get sick and tired of buying affordable nightwear for it to bobble or look ugly after a few washes because I certainly do".

Fashion blogger, Last Years Girl, noted our commitment to British manufacturing and quality finish, "As of July 2011, PJ Pan began making all of its nightwear in the UK which is something that is a point of pride for the company. All items are hand-tailored and finished, with genuine shell buttons, and an attention to detail that’s obvious"

We love the fact that so many bloggers have been talking in such an enthusiastic way about our nightwear collection. Do please let us know I If you become aware of any other blogs talking about us.

The Girl in the Bowler Hat enjoying her new pyjamas The Girl in the Bowler Hat enjoying her new pyjamas