Christmas shopping

  1. The distant ring of sleigh bells

    The distant ring of sleigh bells
    It's the last week of October and we haven't really started to think about Christmas too much, but all that is about to change. Next Tuesday at 10am we will hear an announcement given over a loud PA system; “The Spirit of Christmas 2014 is now open”. For us, every year, the UK's biggest and best Christmas shopping fair marks...
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  2. Last Minute Ladies?

    Last Minute Ladies?
    According to a recent survey Christmas shoppers who complete all their gift-buying in November can expect to save more than £80 on their total spend. The research undertaken by Secretsales, who surveyed 2000 adults, revealed some interesting statistics. The survey tells us that 10% of shoppers begin their Christmas shopping during the January sales and nearly half of shoppers bought...
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