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  1. Looking back at last year's highlights

    Looking back at last year's highlights
    Loyalty Programme We launched a Loyalty Programme enabling customers to earn PJ Points on every purchase and social media interaction.  Points are then converted into a cash value and can be redeemed against future orders. The Silk Route We introduced our first ever silk pyjama range within the women’s collection.  The plain silks proved to be a big hit with...
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  2. The long and tall of it

    The long and tall of it
    When we launched PJ Pan we were determined to make comfortable pyjamas that fitted properly and that's why we avoided the option of just making three variations along the lines of small, medium and large. We started with five women's sizes ranging from an 8 to an 18 and a year later began offering numerous styles in a longer leg...
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  3. Long and even longer pyjamas

    Long and even longer pyjamas
    Several recent studies show that the average height of the human race has increased by more than 10cm since the late 19th Century.  For British men, the average height at age 21 rose from 167.05cm (5ft 5in) in 1871-75 to 177.37cm (5ft 10in) in 1971-75.  Some scientists attribute part of this growth to evolution but virtually all agree that in...
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