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  1. Getting your very British chocolate fix

    Getting your very British chocolate fix
    I'm sure after Easter weekend we all still have chocolate on the brain so why not indulge a little further in some proudly UK-made chocolate. There are a growing number of home-grown and independent brands each with their own take on chocolate, whether it’s pushing the boundaries of flavours, promoting independent artists or even to pressing for better pay for...
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  2. What to wear to bed this winter

    What to wear to bed this winter
    What you wear to bed on a cold winter's night can make the difference between a good night’s sleep or a restless night. Choosing the perfect nightwear for your temperature is so important in creating a suitable sleep environment, yet many continue to compensate with itchy blankets or man-made fabrics, which are awful when it comes to breathability. With this...
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  3. The Nehru Nightshirt

    The Nehru Nightshirt
    The days are getting colder and snuggling into a cosy set of pyjamas seems more appealing than ever. There has been a recent surge in nightwear being worn by day, with many rushing to get into pyjamas at the first possible opportunity, We understand that you may not always feel entirely comfortable lounging outside the confines of your bedroom in...
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  4. Silk range adds style and substance

    Silk range adds style and substance
    Silk nightwear is not for everyone but it seems that those who like it, love it! It encapsulates the epitome of luxury, style and relaxation.
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  5. Luxury Pyjamas

    Luxury Pyjamas
    Designer luxury pyjamas have had quite a bit of airtime over the past year or two. We take a look at the options.
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  6. Nightshirts for rugby and pyjamas for dinner parties

    Nightshirts for rugby and pyjamas for dinner parties
    It appears that an ever increasing number of people are buying pyjamas for day wear or evening wear as opposed to the traditional view of using it as sleepwear. We saw hundreds of customers at the recent Spirit of Christmas fair at Olympia and met several people who had no plans to let their newly purchased nightwear meet the duvet...
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  7. Luxury... What does it mean?

    Luxury... What does it mean?
    If you visit Tesco's website and type the word 'luxury' in the search box you'll be presented with an array of produce ranging from Eton Mess ice cream to scented pantyliners.  Whatever the merits of the pantyliners and ice cream they both seem to be in a different sphere of luxuriousness to items such as a diamond encrusted Van Cleef...
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