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  1. The Nehru Nightshirt

    The Nehru Nightshirt
    The days are getting colder and snuggling into a cosy set of pyjamas seems more appealing than ever. There has been a recent surge in nightwear being worn by day, with many rushing to get into pyjamas at the first possible opportunity, We understand that you may not always feel entirely comfortable lounging outside the confines of your bedroom in...
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  2. Silk range adds style and substance

    Silk range adds style and substance
    Silk nightwear is not for everyone but it seems that those who like it, love it! It encapsulates the epitome of luxury, style and relaxation.
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  3. Decisions, decisions...

    Decisions, decisions...
    It's that time of year again when we finalise plans for our winter 2015 nightwear collection and consider our fabric choices for the spring and summer of 2016. We are forever caught in a balancing act of retaining a handful of our staples and adding in selected new lines to compliment our extensive range of styles and fabrics. Stripes, checks...
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  4. The distant ring of sleigh bells

    The distant ring of sleigh bells
    It's the last week of October and we haven't really started to think about Christmas too much, but all that is about to change. Next Tuesday at 10am we will hear an announcement given over a loud PA system; “The Spirit of Christmas 2014 is now open”. For us, every year, the UK's biggest and best Christmas shopping fair marks...
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  5. Pretty in Pink

    Pretty in Pink
    Gin seems to be the ‘in’ drink this summer and the retail shelves are overflowing with new brands from both large and small outfits. Many of gins have discernibly different subtleties and flavours, but outside of the bottle they all look pretty much the same. All, that is, bar Pinkster. We were introduced to it last year and we simply...
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  6. A stitch in time for UK fashion manufacturing

    A stitch in time for UK fashion manufacturing
    As a nation we've lost our way with the needle and thread! There is absolutely no doubt that consumers are showing a much greater level of interest in products that are Made in Britain and it's increasingly apparent that more and more retailers want to return production back to the UK. The sentiment is great but the realities are more...
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  7. New Pyjama Site Goes Live

    New Pyjama Site Goes Live
    For much of this year the team at PJ Pan has been busy behind the scenes creating an all new website. The new site, which went live in mid-September, features a fresh new look and benefits from much greater functionality. Customers will now be able to browse for nightwear by size, colour and style - and there's even a feature...
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  8. Running the Country in Pyjamas?

    Running the Country in Pyjamas?
    David Cameron admitted last week that he sometimes works in his pyjamas before changing into his suit.  The Prime Minister revealed his wardrobe secret when being questioned by people from around the world ahead of this week’s G8 summit.   Whilst on the BBC’s World Have Your Say Programme, he faced some questions about whether he found it difficult living...
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  9. Living on only British-Made Products – is it Possible?

    Living on only British-Made Products – is it Possible?
    Meet the Bradshaws.  A British family on a mission to see whether they can survive for a  year on only British-made goods.  Over three months in and it all seems to be going pretty well.  “The last three months have actually been really good fun, says Emily Bradshaw. “We’re still quite surprised by the level of enthusiasm for what we’re...
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