1. Don't Forget Your Toothbrush

    Don't Forget Your Toothbrush
    More and more people are finding a way to escape for a short break without the hassle of 'checking in' and lugging around a large suitcase. Pull-along cabin size bags are a must have travel essential these days, but you'll need to pack cleverly and sparingly.  Most importantly you'll need to keep to the regulations on fluids and ensure you...
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  2. What to wear to bed this winter

    What to wear to bed this winter
    What you wear to bed on a cold winter's night can make the difference between a good night’s sleep or a restless night. Choosing the perfect nightwear for your temperature is so important in creating a suitable sleep environment, yet many continue to compensate with itchy blankets or man-made fabrics, which are awful when it comes to breathability. With this...
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  3. Stylish Festive Lounging

    Stylish Festive Lounging
    As the Christmas weekend begins, I’m sure many of you are looking forward to some well-deserved relaxation in the warmth of your home (and bed!) A lazy morning (or perhaps an entire day) spent lounging in pyjamas has become a staple festive activity for many. With Christmas shopping done and presents wrapped, it’s finally time to unwind and experience some...
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  4. Pyjamas to help projects in Africa

    Pyjamas to help projects in Africa
    Every time we sell a pair of our Tembo (elephant) pyjamas we will make a donation to Tusk Trust, the dynamic organisation helping conservation across Africa.
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  5. Where would you like to wake up?

    Where would you like to wake up?
    We've compiled a short-list of our five top hotel bedrooms across the world. With so many to choose from we could compile a list of hundreds!
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  6. Luxury Pyjamas

    Luxury Pyjamas
    Designer luxury pyjamas have had quite a bit of airtime over the past year or two. We take a look at the options.
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  7. Pyjamas for your wedding anniversary?

    Pyjamas for your wedding anniversary?
    So, what's the most important thing about a wedding anniversary?  That's right.... remembering it.  You really do not want to be the one half of a marital union that forgets!  Thankfully, with modern technology it's easy to set reminders, but it's perhaps shrewd to set it a few days before the actual date. Most married couples will follow a long...
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  8. Soporific Songs

    Soporific Songs
    You're in your pyjamas, you've been tucked in bed for half an hour and you're ready for sleep, but now you’re tossing and turning because you just cannot wind down and doze off. The scenario is made even more infuriating because falling asleep is almost inevitably most difficult whenever you need some sleep the most. Of course there are all...
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  9. Loyalty has its rewards

    Loyalty has its rewards
    Loyalty should have its benefits and we are delighted to see that so many of our regular customers are now making savings by using the PJ Points they've collected. The only thing customers need to do is set up an account when making a purchase, after which points will be automatically credited on that and all future purchases. You earn...
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