It sounds like something you might hear about on April Fools Day, yet this seemingly bizarre pyjama request is 100% true. An animal charity in the West Country appealed for a skilled machinist to make a pair of bespoke pyjamas for an “itchy” horse – and it seems they will get their wish.

The horse, named Gracie May, is a 17-hand heavy horse that suffers from sweet itch, a medical condition caused by an allergic reaction to midge bites. There is no known cure for sweet itch and the staff at the equine charity HorseWorld in Whitchurch said they were struggling to keep her condition under control.

Gracie May arrived at the centre eleven years ago in an emaciated condition. At that time she had little hair but has now been nursed back to health by the caring team at HorseWorld. However the horse’s condition has declined considerably in recent months and something clearly had to be done.

The solution for a good sleep? Pyjamas of course!

At the moment she has rug to protect her from the midges when she’s out and about in her field. Whilst it’s far from being a perfect fit it does act as a form of prevention. However it’s indoors that is proving the real challenge. The 7ft tall horse badly needs something suitable for wearing when she is in her stable, or should that be bedroom, in Whitchurch. After considering the issue everyone concluded that a pyjama suit would fit the bill. Thankfully, it sounds like good news is on the way, but whether Gracie will be sporting a pair of lightly brushed cotton pyjamas of a crisp Egyptian cotton nightshirt is still to be revealed.

HorseWorld are now seeking donations to help Gracie have sweet dreams by helping pay for the bedding she needs to ensure her a comfortable night’s sleep.

I’m afraid the PJ Pan nightwear range doesn’t stretch to pyjamas for horses, but we do sell pyjamas for women, men and children!