Why PJ Pan?

When I launched PJ Pan, there was only a handful of pyjama companies out there, plus of course some well known department stores with their large nightwear collections. Now it’s a very different story and there are numerous boutique pyjama brands in UK and more and more larger brands all competing for your attention. It’s for this reason that I feel it’s really important we try to convey what’s special and different about PJ Pan nightwear.

As much as the internet is a wonderful thing it is always frustrating that one misses out on being able to touch our beautiful fabrics, see the lustre of our real shell buttons, appreciate the high end finish and admire the intricate piping. All of these things contribute to the quality of PJ Pan nightwear but it’s very hard for you to appreciate this from your sofa. Yes, all of the above make our nightwear more expensive. We are fully aware you can find pyjamas cheaper elsewhere but will you get the lovely, long lasting fabrics? Will you have real shell buttons? Will you have high quality elastic in your waistbands? Will they be manufactured in Britain? Will they wash well? Will they be amongst the most comfortable pyjamas you’ve even worn?

You might decide those things are not that important to you, in which case I totally understand why you’d choose a cheaper option, but if you want your nightwear to last for years and you want to sleep with the highest quality fabrics against your skin, knowing they’ve been proudly made in a small family run factory in Britain, then I believe you’d struggle to find this elsewhere.

Lastly just a word on pricing. In the same way as you can find cheaper nightwear elsewhere you can also find much more expensive nightwear too. Being a small company with relatively modest overheads and no physical shops means we don’t have to absorb so many costs into our products. If we were on the high street, I’m sure our nightwear would be significantly more expensive. Some of you may still be a little shocked by our prices but I can assure you that we do our best to keep them as competitive as possible. It’s a case of trying to offer you the best price whilst making sure we still make enough money to keep the business profitable and growing.

We are determined to support British manufacturing and always endeavour to create truly premium products so I really hope you’ll take the plunge and experience first hand everything I’ve mentioned here. If you still need a little extra nudge than have a read of our product reviews and customer testimonials... 

Founder, PJ Pan