Black Friday - Why It's Not for Us

As per previous years, there are several reasons why we aren't running Black Friday offers. First and foremost we strive to keep our collection as affordable as possible all year round. We appreciate that we aren’t the cheapest brand on the market, but I hope you’ll agree that the price is more than fair once you discover the superb quality of our garments. We operate to far smaller margins than many other brands, most of which manufacture overseas.

Add that to the fact that there’s nothing more irritating than buying something and then seeing it on sale at half price just a few days later! That’s the world of fast fashion and we’re not in that world.

You may wonder why you rarely see UK-made brands heavily discounting their stock with Black Friday deals. The reason? UK-made products tend to already be great value. They are ethically made, using quality materials and you are usually buying directly from the maker. A UK-made product will stand the test of time.

We too take immense care and time in sourcing the very best fabrics which are then meticulously manufactured into the finest garments by our small family run factories in the UK. 

We do not wholesale any of our collection and every item comes direct from the manufacturer to you, reducing overheads and avoiding excessive markups, resulting in fair prices for all. 

Ultimately we believe our products are being sold at the right and fair price in the first place...and importantly they are made to last. By shopping with us, not only will you be supporting PJ Pan and British manufacturing, but you will also be encouraging the much needed slow fashion movement.