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  1. Getting your very British chocolate fix

    Getting your very British chocolate fix

    I'm sure after Easter weekend we all still have chocolate on the brain so why not indulge a little further in some proudly UK-made chocolate. There are a growing number of home-grown and independent brands each with their own take on chocolate, whether it’s pushing the boundaries of flavours, promoting independent artists or even to pressing for better pay for...
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  2. The Dream Bedroom

    The Dream Bedroom

    With more and more people lusting over bedroom inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram and other social media networks, the trend for creating the ‘dream bedroom’ to reflect your personality and style has inspired us to create a short list of our favourite bedroom trends. With so many photogenic bedrooms about, we struggled to narrow it down to just five! Jungle Trend...
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  3. Reasons to be an Early Bird

    Reasons to be an Early Bird

    The first Sunday in May is celebrated around the world as International Dawn Chorus Day.  As there’s a Bank Holiday the following day in the UK, there’s no excuse for not rising early on Sunday 5th this year; you can have a lie in the next day instead! There’s nothing quite like setting your alarm early and tiptoeing out into...
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  4. Five Alternative Easter Gifts

    Five Alternative Easter Gifts

    The Easter holiday is a peculiar one. Always roaming about, between late March and late April, with the weather potentially fit for a snowball fight or a barbeque in the garden.  As well as hailing the end of the solemn period of lent, it is of course also seen as the harbinger of spring- all those bunnies, chicks and gambolling...
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  5. Anyone for T?

    Anyone for T?

    We’re not in the business of fast fashion; everything we launch is the end result of a lot of work, extensive research and testing. Our men’s t-shirts are no exception, they have been long awaited by many customers and it has taking us some time to find exactly what we were looking for. So we’re over the moon to have...
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  6. Ethically produced cotton pyjamas

    Ethically produced cotton pyjamas

    One of PJ Pan's ongoing challenges is to ensure its philosophy of ‘Made in Britain’ is twinned with sourcing the finest and most ethically produced fabric from across the globe.  Several fabric bases are sourced in Turkey and one preferred mill, Soktas, has produced a new fine cotton following extensive research undertaken in partnership with the Cotton Research Institute. Carefully...
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  7. Whatever happened to breakfast in bed?

    Whatever happened to breakfast in bed?

    Not so long ago having your morning coffee, yoghurt and boiled egg in bed was a real treat and a rare luxury. For some that might still be the case yet somehow the whole concept of eating in bed seems to be slipping down the luxury list. According to one recent poll only 4% of mothers want to be brought...
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  8. Don't Forget Your Toothbrush

    Don't Forget Your Toothbrush

    More and more people are finding a way to escape for a short break without the hassle of 'checking in' and lugging around a large suitcase. Pull-along cabin size bags are a must have travel essential these days, but you'll need to pack cleverly and sparingly.  Most importantly you'll need to keep to the regulations on fluids and ensure you...
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  9. What to wear to bed this winter

    What to wear to bed this winter

    What you wear to bed on a cold winter's night can make the difference between a good night’s sleep or a restless night. Choosing the perfect nightwear for your temperature is so important in creating a suitable sleep environment, yet many continue to compensate with itchy blankets or man-made fabrics, which are awful when it comes to breathability. With this...
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