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  • Whatever happened to breakfast in bed?

    Not so long ago having your morning coffee, yoghurt and boiled egg in bed was a real treat and a rare luxury. For some that might still be the case yet somehow the whole concept of eating in bed seems to be slipping down the luxury list. According to one recent poll only 4% of mothers want to be brought breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day. It appears that eating in bed is now the reserve of teenagers and students who are generally only too happy to spend their evenings on the bed surfing the net with a slice of takeaway pizza in hand.

    So why is it that most people would prefer their granola and omelette around the kitchen table rather than have it whilst they’re comfortably sitting under the duvet? It’s most probably down to a number of reasons the first of which is hygiene. Croissant crumbs and sploshed coffee on the duvet is a big no-no in so many ways. Then there’s the kitchen – a room that has changed hugely over time from a functional place solely for the preparation and cooking of food into a warm and comfortable living space around the increasingly enjoyed cookery and baking activities.

    These days coffee is not just better, it’s also an experience. We almost want to hear the coffee machine in action or dwell over the choice of a myriad of teas. Whether its the charm of a rustic farm kitchen warmed by an AGA or the urban soft-close chic of a luxury fitted kitchen, the increasing magnetic attraction of the kitchen has led us to enjoy food and cookery more than ever before. Kitchens are now invariably regarded as the heart of the home.

    We’re also a more relaxed society happy to appear in pyjamas and dressing gowns. So perhaps breakfast in bed hasn't quite been consigned to the history books – in fact its just been developed. Nowadays we simply take the bedroom to the kitchen!

    Professional coffee machine in a domestic setting Kitchen Coffee Station
  • Don't forget your toothbrush!

    More and more people are finding a way to escape for a short break without the hassle of 'checking in' and lugging around a large suitcase. Pull-along cabin size bags are a must have travel essential these days, but you'll need to pack cleverly and sparingly.  Most importantly you'll need to keep to the regulations on fluids and ensure you don't exceed the cabin baggage size limits.  Your booking confirmation will give exact size restrictions for your airline's cabin baggage.

    One essential trick to taking the maximum amount of clothes, with only one small bag, is to wear your bulkiest items such as shoes, jackets, jeans and jumpers when boarding the plane. The flip-flops, shorts and t-shirts stay in the bag.  Most people, men and women alike, have a tendency to pack too much.  Just think how often you've returned from a holiday a not worn certain pieces.  It's worth bearing in mind that in most places you'll be able to wash stuff too. Take your essential toiletries (under 100ml each) in a clear bag but buy your sun cream at the airport so you'll get enough to last the break.

    The most commonly forgotten items include sunglasses (which could be worn to save space), travel adaptors and phone chargers. Quite a few forget to pack any nightwear. Of course we all know nightwear is optional, but if you are a pj wearer avoid taking full length sets. On the knee pyjama shorts or Kikoys are ideal for men and are far more comfortable for sleep than boxer shorts. Women can minimise packing space by twinning a vest tops with a pair of women's sleep shorts.

    Curiously, nowadays, fewer people than you might imagine actually forget their toothbrush. You're more likely to forget your driving licence, passport or even your ticket.

    Hand luggage Travelling solely with hand luggage can make journeys less stressful
  • What to wear to bed this winter

    What you wear to bed on a cold winter's night can make the difference between a good night’s sleep or a restless night.

    Choosing the perfect nightwear for your temperature is so important in creating a suitable sleep environment, yet many continue to compensate with itchy blankets or man-made fabrics, which are awful when it comes to breathability.

    With this in mind, we’ve come up with some things to consider to help improve your quality of sleep this season.

    1) Many people struggle to fall asleep when their feet are cold. Adding a pair of our bed socks to your bedtime wardrobe will guarantee to keep your feet warm and cosy.

    2) Keep the fit and fabric of your sleepwear in mind; pyjamas that are too baggy are going to prove less efficient during the cold nights, however pyjamas that are too fitted are likely to be restrictive. Our Cashmere Luxe pyjamas are made with a warm but lightweight cashmere cotton blend that has a wonderful floaty drape.

    3) Finally, wear pyjamas that fit!  Bare shins and ankles won’t do much good to help your body relax in the biting cold!

    Have you found any other methods to getting a good night’s sleep during winter?


    Our Cashmere Luxe pyjamas Our Cashmere Luxe pyjamas
  • Stylish Festive Lounging

    As the Christmas weekend begins, I’m sure many of you are looking forward to some well-deserved relaxation in the warmth of your home (and bed!)

    A lazy morning (or perhaps an entire day) spent lounging in pyjamas has become a staple festive activity for many.

    With Christmas shopping done and presents wrapped, it’s finally time to unwind and experience some ‘hygge’.

    What is hygge?

    As stated in the English Oxford Living Dictionary, Hygee is “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture):”

    Here are some ways to bring hygge to your festivities this year – experience a relaxed, unhurried yet civilised morning around the breakfast table, lounge in front of an open log fire in your pyjamas with a soothing mug of hot chocolate and enjoy some family time in matching PJ Pan pyjamas!

    How many hours do you spend wearing your pyjamas on Christmas Day?  Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from everyone at PJ Pan!

  • The Nehru Nightshirt

    The days are getting colder and snuggling into a cosy set of pyjamas seems more appealing than ever. There has been a recent surge in nightwear being worn by day, with many rushing to get into pyjamas at the first possible opportunity,

    We understand that you may not always feel entirely comfortable lounging outside the confines of your bedroom in pyjamas, particularly in ill-fitting nightwear and that’s why we’re committed to ensuring our customers feel elegantly stylish in their sleepwear.

    With this in mind, we have just launched the ‘Nehru’ men's nightshirt, designed for utmost comfort whilst keeping to our brand’s flare for style and elegance.

    Made popular by Jawaharial Nehru, a former Prime Minister of India, the Nehru collar is an exciting variation of the traditional British collar. As opposed to the typical British longer fold-over design, the Nehru is a much shorter unfolded stand-up collar.

    This stylish collar has been incorporated into our new range of nightshirts, delivering a refined, sophisticated look to make you feel stylish even when sitting sleepy-eyed around the breakfast table!

    Available in brushed cotton or two fold Egyptian and Pima cotton poplin, this design is available for everyone and makes for a fascinating discussion around the fireplace!

    Men's nightshirt with Nehru collar Men's nightshirt with Nehru collar
  • What's in a dream?

    Everyone dreams, even those who cannot recall their dreams will have exercised their imagination during sleep. Sometimes the meaning behind a dream seems relatively straightforward and on other occasions the weird and wonderful world of nod seems almost impossible to decipher.

    Suzanne Bergmann, a professional and highly respected dream worker is quoted as saying, "Dreams are a universal language, creating often elaborate images out of emotional concepts", but importantly she goes on to say, "There's no single definitive meaning for symbols and images in dreams."

    We've collated and considered ten topics which regularly feature in people's dreams and have briefly provided one or two possible hidden (or not so hidden) meanings. All we hope is that people don't dream about being in tatty pyjamas. If you do, perhaps your next purchase from PJ Pan has been preying on your mind?  You'll feel much better once you've placed the order!


    Falling is often associated with losing control, but a slower drifting fall is more associated with letting go or perhaps relief from some form of pressure.


    It sounds gloomy but more often than not it's more directly related to dramatic change happening for the dreamer.  It could perhaps be the end of one thing, in order to make room for something new.  Alternatively it may be that the dreamer is subconsciously coming to terms with the grief and loss following the death of a friend or loved one.

    Back at school

    This is very common. Those formative years made a great impact on our lives so it's hardly surprising our dreams take us back to the classroom and the challenges we faced there. However it is thought that people dream more about their school days at times when they don’t feel prepared for a task or challenge. It can also underline our need to learn from the past and use our experience in the challenges we face.


    It's generally believed that vulnerability is expressed in dreams through nudity. However others believe it could reveal a deep-seated desire to be more daring and adventurous.


    Dreaming about paralysis is believed to be caused by the overlap of REM and the moment of waking up.  This is because the body encounters a form of paralysis during dreaming, which prevents it from physically performing the actions that occur in the dream.

    Being Chased

    This is a very common feature of dreams.  Part of the reason it's so common is because the anxiety we feel is so vivid, that we are more likely to remember it! Therefore it may not in fact be more common than dreaming about meditation!  Analysts believe that we don’t dream about being chased because we fear about being pursued, but rather that we fear what we're running from (whether that be failure, embarrassment, exams or so on).


    Flying in a dream, and how effectively or poorly it's done, relates to how much control we consider we have in our lives. Flying high is one of the most euphoric dreams imaginable, while flying low to the ground can be stressful and may indicate that you're evaluating a risky or daring decision.

    Being late

    Being late suggests you might be losing an opportunity to experience some sort of fulfilment in your life.  It may also imply that you need to deal with an indecisive trait which must be overcome and until you commit to a decision you will always find yourself hesitating and using your time ineffectively.

    Teeth falling out

    Dreaming of losing your teeth may mark a fear of getting old and or perhaps a fear of being unattractive to others.

    A house

    Houses are believed to represent the dreamer's mind. Different rooms may relate to different character aspects of the individual dreamer.

    Falling woman in white dress Not all falls are associated with losing control.
  • Silk range adds style and substance

    Last year we introduced two classically designed silk pyjama sets to our women's collection. To ensure we maintained our high quality standard we meticulously tested the various silk fabrics and had all the product manufacturing undertaken here in the UK, along with all our nightwear.

    The epitome of luxury

    Silk nightwear is not for everyone but it seems that those who like it, love it! Silk pyjamas are seen as more than just nightwear, they are about elegant relaxation, feeling great and making the most of your time at home. Imagine arriving back home in the evening, slipping into your divine silk pyjamas and enjoying a glass of Champagne. Surely this encapsulates the epitome of luxury, style and relaxation. A little indulgent perhaps, but sometimes there has to be a time just for you.

    The silk pyjama collection

    Having witnessed the popularity of last year's introductory trial we have now built a silk collection comprising five separate styles, incorporating two timeless plains and three designer prints. As usual we have catered for both a regular and longer leg length with most of the range being available in a taller option. The Links design, available in both blue and pink, offers a sophisticated look while the square collared Carnival silk pjs deliver a more decorous and artistic feel. The latter is also available as pyjama trousers alone.

    Quality nightwear that lasts

    Our extensive cotton collection is almost undoubtedly the largest range of UK made luxury pyjamas available and we hope to increase the number of silk styles in the years to come. It remains our mission to source the very best quality fabrics and create beautiful garments right here in Britain. In doing so we aim to create nightwear that that feels both classic and contemporary, which will also last the test of time in terms of both style and substance!

    Pink silk pyjamas Silk links pyjamas in pink







  • Pyjamas to help projects in Africa

    Tusk logo and PJ Pan pyjamas

    Every time we sell a pair of our Tembo pyjamas we will make a donation to Tusk Trust, the dynamic organisation known for initiating and funding conservation and community programmes across Africa. One of the organisation's key objectives is the conservation of wildlife and substantial funding goes towards the protection of threatened species such as elephant, rhino, cheetah, chimpanzee, mountain and lowland gorilla, African wild dog, giant sable and even marine species such as turtles.

    In addition to wildlife conservation Tusk supports projects that help to alleviate poverty through sustainable development and education amongst rural communities who live alongside the wildlife. Tusk’s long term aim is to forge an inextricable link between the preservation of Africa’s natural heritage and the future of its land, culture and people.

    We hope our Tembo pyjamas, featuring intricately woven elephants, will be the first of many more African animal pyjamas that will help us to make a valuable contribution to the immensely important work funded by Tusk. We are in the process of launching women's, men's and children's styles. It's very simple; you buy the pyjamas and we'll donate to Tusk.

    Scale of Donations
    Adult pyjamas                  £10
    Adult pyjama bottoms      £5
    Adult pyjama shorts          £5
    Children's pyjamas            £5

    Tusk is a respected UK charity that has earned a reputation for being financially efficient, with an average of 80% of the net funds raised reaching the field.

    For more information about Tusk visit
    Tusk Trust. Registered UK Charity No: 803118

  • Where would you like to wake up?

    In the past few days we've compiled a short-list of our five top hotel bedrooms across the world. The increasing popularity and quality of boutique hotels makes a task like this nigh on impossible to undertake. With so many to choose from we could compile a list of hundreds! There are so many things to consider; the comfort of the bed is vital, the location has a huge impact and the view can change everything.

    We started by short-listing the sumptuous bedrooms at The Nines Hotel, across the pond in Portland, Oregon. Here Art Deco elegance meets modern touch and style; goose down pillows and beautifully styled curtains give a dreamy look to the room. Moreover 350 thread-count sheets and a super-soft duvet will whisk you away into a dreamland in no time.

    Altitude seekers will find it hard to resist Chalet Panmah situated in the French resort of Courcheval 1850. It's super stylish, acceptably beige and priced accordingly! The master bedroom is reported to be supplied with nine divine pillows.

    Main bedroom at Chalet Panmeh Chalet Panmah, the perfect alpine retreat.

    Closer to home you could head to the Caledonian in Edinburgh where you could enjoy supremely comfortable beds, huge fluffy pillows and the illustrious view directly towards the castle. Those in need of a touch more sunshine and a good deal more wildlife might be attracted to the secluded Ol Donyo Lodge in Kenya. With majestic views towards Mount Kilimanjaro you could choose to sleep under the stars in one of the rooftop beds while listening to the sounds of the African savannah.

    Our favourite is the Serai near Jaisalmer in India. This immaculate Rajasthan desert camp provides tented bedrooms with every possible luxury and indulgence. Anyone fearing the concept of sleeping under canvas will be converted by a brief stay at the Serai. It's hard to imagine a more dreamy bedroom to wake up in. A picture of one of the exquisite camp tents says it all. Bliss...

    Beautiful camp tent The luxuriously finished camps at the Serai
  • Luxury Pyjamas

    Designer luxury pyjamas have had quite a bit of airtime over the past year or two. Yet many people wouldn't necessarily describe all the garments featured in the fashion press as 'pyjamas'. They may have comprised a jacket and trousers but they could hardly be described as appropriate for sleeping.

    Stylish, chic and sophisticated

    Our nightwear and accessories have been described in various media as stylish, chic and sophisticated but we haven't got carried away and we're not expecting to see them on a catwalk anytime soon!

    British made, not just a British brand

    Our aim has always been to become a leading brand of British made nightwear. We know several brands call themselves British nightwear companies but precious few manufacture in the UK. We love what we do and we're delighted so many customers feel the same.

    Winter 2015 Collection

    Our new winter collection will be launched over the next couple of weeks. We have lots of new brushed and classic cottons plus several more luxurious silks in the new range. We hope you'll love them as much as we do.

    Pair of cotton pyjamas with butterfly print Blue Butterfly pyjamas, available as a full set or just trousers.
  • An anniversary to remember

    So, what's the most important thing about a wedding anniversary?  That's right.... remembering it.  You really do not want to be the one half of a marital union that forgets!  Thankfully, with modern technology it's easy to set reminders, but it's perhaps shrewd to set it a few days before the actual date.

    Most married couples will follow a long standing ritual of giving each other 'themed' presents to mark each year of marriage. However it's not exactly straightforward working out the correct 'material' connected to each year.  There are the traditional and modern interpretations of the themes related to each wedding anniversary, usually progressing from the weakest to the strongest as the years go by, to symbolise the strengthening of the relationship. However different nationalities also have their own themes. We have done our best to work out what we believe is the truest reflection of a traditional British anniversary present list. There are numerous explanations and reasons why each material has been chosen for each year, some are believable, some less convincing.

    The 'traditional' list is only loosely traditional since prior to the 1930's not all wedding Anniversaries had a material representing the year. Only the first anniversary and milestone anniversaries such as 5th 10th, 20th, 25th, 50th and 75th possessed a specific gift suggestion. Therefore to be truly traditional you could only give themed gifts on those years.

    Traditional British Anniversary Themes

    1st Paper
    2nd Cotton
    3rd Leather
    4th Flower & Fruit
    5th Wood
    6th Sugar
    7th Wool
    8th Salt
    9th Pottery or Copper
    10th Tin
    11th Steel
    12th Silk & Linen
    13th Lace
    14th Ivory
    15th Crystal
    20th China
    25h Silver
    30th Pearl
    35th Coral
    40th Ruby
    45th Sapphire
    50th Gold
    55th Emerald
    60th Diamond
    70th Platinum

    The great news is that we can help. Well, we can help on 2nd and 12th anniversaries. Our cotton pyjamas and nightshirts, beautifully wrapped in one of or luxurious gift boxes, are the ideal present on the second anniversary.  When it comes to the twelfth anniversary husbands can give loved ones a pair of our luxury silk pyjamas. However, for those who want to roll back the years and be truly traditional our nightwear would make a great anniversary gift on any year... other than 1st, 5th, 10th, 25th, 50th and 75th!

    Mr and Mrs sign Make sure you remember your anniversary and keep your love shining brightly


  • Soporific Songs

    You're in your pyjamas, you've been tucked in bed for half an hour and you're ready for sleep, but now you’re tossing and turning because you just cannot wind down and doze off. The scenario is made even more infuriating because falling asleep is almost inevitably most difficult whenever you need some sleep the most. Of course there are all sorts of techniques to help drift off to the land of nod, but many people believe music is the best remedy.

    You might be surprised to learn that some types of music are actually scientifically proven to be relaxing.  Manchester based Marconi Union collaborated with the British Academy of Sound Therapy and released a track that was claimed to be the most relaxing song ever after a study by the Mindlab Institution.  It's said that the eight minute long track 'Weightless' can slow the heart rate, reduce blood pressure and decrease levels of cortisol – a steroid hormone released in response to stress. So its certainly worth a go if you're suffering from insomnia.

    Whether you are looking to squeeze in a quick nap or catch a whole night's sleep, here's a collection of  ten specially selected tunes we think will help you get some well deserved rest, one of which we can assure you is scientifically endorsed!

    Marconi Union - Weightless

    Kate Rusby – Who Will Sing Me Lullabies

    Ed Sheeran- Tenerife Sea

    Bon Iver - Holocence

    DJ Shah - Mellomaniac (Chill Out Mix)

    Lovelier Other – Leave This Behind

    Scarlett Johansson – Falling Down

    Mozart - Canzonetta Sull'aria

    Cafe Del Mar - We Can Fly

    Suzanne Vega – Gypsy

    Of course there are plenty of tunes that will do the opposite and wake you up in the morning. We've heard that Ken Dodd's 'Happiness' is more likely to get you up and out the bedroom than an alarm clock!

    Some music can prove soporific The right music might just be the remedy
  • Loyalty has its rewards

    Loyalty should have its benefits and we are delighted to see that so many of our regular customers are now making savings by using the PJ Points they've collected. The only thing customers need to do is set up an account when making a purchase, after which points will be automatically credited on that and all future purchases.

    You earn every time you spend on the PJ Pan website

    One PJ Point is earned for every £1 spent on our website (excluding delivery) and every point converts into a value of 2 pence, which you can redeem on future orders. We have made it as easy as possible for points to rack up by introducing numerous ways to earn extra points and by issuing bonus points on larger orders.

    Anyone spending £100-£149 in a single transaction at PJ Pan will earn an additional 25 bonus points. Bonus tiers increase the more you spend and 50 bonus points apply to purchases of £150-£199, 75 points for £200-£249 and 100 bonus points for a spend of £250 or more. All these bonus points are in addition to the number of points earned on the purchase price itself.

    Get more PJ Points for engaging with us on social media

    Points are not only earned through spending. We recognise that leaving reviews, or taking part in any PJ Pan social media related activity takes time and commitment, so we reward customers who engage in these activities too. PJ Points are allocated for leaving product reviews, signing up to the newsletter, liking or sharing a PJ Pan post on Facebook, tweeting about one of our products, and suggesting a friend.

    Use points to pay for pyjamas

    Since launching the programme last year it's taken a little while for points to accumulate, but its now common practice for us to see savings made by customers on new purchases. A handful of PJ Pan fans have even stretched to buying whole items solely using points. Feedback on our loyalty programme has been consistently positive and the benefits were best extolled by PJ Pan fan Chloe Watkins, who said “I was barely aware I was collecting the points, but to find at the checkout that these would all but cover the cost of the shorts was a really nice surprise. We love your pyjamas and they're even better when they're free! Thank you.”

    Rewarding our loyal customers

    We are incredibly grateful to our ever growing and very loyal customer base. We will keep striving to deliver the very best luxury nightwear products, immaculately produced right here in the UK and offered at a remarkably affordable price. We know this is what you want. It's hugely rewarding that we have so many great customers and receive so much positive feedback. The PJ Points loyalty programme is our way of thanking you.

    PJ Points Loyalty Programme Earning points is easy at PJ Pan
  • Looking back at last year's highlights

    Loyalty Programme

    We launched a Loyalty Programme enabling customers to earn PJ Points on every purchase and social media interaction.  Points are then converted into a cash value and can be redeemed against future orders.

    The Silk Route

    We introduced our first ever silk pyjama range within the women’s collection.  The plain silks proved to be a big hit with our customers so we’ll be adding to the range this year by launching some printed silks in both pyjamas and pyjama bottoms. 

    Longer PJs for Longer Legs

    As far as we know PJ Pan became the first nightwear retailer to offer pyjamas in three different leg lengths. It has long been our policy to serve taller customers, with both a regular and long length available across the men’s and women’s collections, but in 2014 we went one step further and introduced an “extra long” option on a selected number of our ladies pyjamas and pj bottoms.

    Enhanced Gift Wrapping Service

    In good time for Christmas we were excited to launch our new and enhanced gift wrapping option.  Now customers can have orders beautifully wrapped in one of our new luxury branded gift boxes.

    Completed Business Relocation

    Our relocation from rural Wiltshire to the highlands of Scotland was completed in 2014.  Our new headquarters has provided us with much needed extra space for the ever growing collection and our increasingly busy order fulfilment centre….and the view from our office ain’t bad either!

    The view frm PJ Pan HQ Looking out at the hills from the PJ Pan office
  • Farewell to the cat's pyjamas

    Back in 2006 during PJ Pan's formative days I had re-negotiated my full time role at a party planning business and I began learning about cottons, pattern cutting and clothing manufacture from our home in Surrey. It was then on one dark wet day, while I was plotting PJ Pan's future, that I spotted a nervous little kitten on our lawn.

    My instinct was to offer it shelter and food, but the poor little thing was terrified of coming near me. So I left a window open and put out some food and water. Gradually the little black cat became more confident but it wasn't prepared to stay in the house, even on a filthy night.

    After making fruitless enquiries locally we assumed it was a hungry abandoned kitten. For several days it would come and feed but was certainly not 'our cat'. Nonetheless we decided to give it a name and for reasons we are now unable to remember, we determined it to be a boy and plumped for the name Pablo. The barriers were very slowly broken down and eventually we gained enough trust to be able to hold Pablo and he was even prepared to stay in the house. Having achieved this milestone we were able to take him to the vet, who advised us that the cat wasn't identity chipped, wasn't very well, wasn't a kitten and wasn't a boy! It turned out our 'Pablo' should have been named 'Paula', was severely undernourished and estimated to be around 8 years old. Contrary to the vet's suggestion we stuck with the name 'Pablo'.

    As time went by she became stronger and her affection towards us grew, as ours did towards her. It wasn't easy, not least because we were committed 'dog people' and had no intention of owning a cat, but our appreciation of this particular feline grew beyond anything we could have imagined. She moved house with us twice and relatively graciously welcomed the arrival of a puppy with whom she ultimately became very fond, if a little impatient with his upbeat nature.

    We will never know the story of Pablo's early years, but the vets generally agreed she had at some point suffered a trauma or maltreatment. Thankfully during the past eight years she enjoyed life in comfort, spending much of her time asleep on a boiler or quietly watching the world go by from her bed, or sometimes from the back of a sofa. She was never the most active or adventurous of animals, but she somehow charmed us everyday.

    Sadly she fell ill recently and this afternoon died peacefully in my husband's arms. In reality she had shown scant interest in the pyjama business, but she has been part of our story and with us every single day PJ Pan has despatched orders. She was, to us, the cat's pyjamas.

    Our black cat, Pablo Pablo, our lucky black cat
  • Decisions, decisions...

    It's that time of year again when we finalise plans for our winter 2015 nightwear collection and consider our fabric choices for the spring and summer of 2016. We are forever caught in a balancing act of retaining a handful of our staples and adding in selected new lines to compliment our extensive range of styles and fabrics.

    Stripes, checks, prints and more

    It's never easy as we try to determine the ideal combination of stripes, checks and prints across varied weights of cottons; which can either be traditional and crisp or brushed and supremely soft. Then of course there's our silk pyjama range, which will see further expansion later in the year. But that's not all, there's also the possibility of a luxurious new fabric combination – which we are keeping firmly under our hat! We also aim to introduce one or two new accessories and we will be ensuring these too are manufactured within the British Isles.

    Rewarding loyal customers

    We are hugely grateful to our burgeoning number of regular customers who helped to ensure that 2014 was such a successful year. We have so many great customers and we're therefore thrilled that the rewards programme, PJ Points, has been so well received. We now look back on the introduction of the scheme as one of the best decisions we made last year and it's great to see customers using the points they've collected. Our reward points are earned with every purchase and additional points can be obtained by a variety of means including, leaving reviews, liking on Facebook or tweeting a product.

    New pyjama styles coming soon

    This year has got off to a flying start and soon you'll be able to see some of our new fabrics for Spring/Summer. Of course they'll be completely new to all our customers, but we feel pretty familiar with them... having made our selections and decisions more than a year ago!

    Luxury cottons

  • Traditional pyjamas for traditional schools?

    When one conjures up the idea of a British boarding school the image of young teenagers sporting traditional flannel pyjamas, woollen dressing gowns and slippers springs to mind.  The likes of Harry Potter and his chums Ron and Hermione would be seen in nothing else in their dormitory at Hogwarts.  Preparatory school dormitories certainly resembled all this a few years ago, but we've learnt that things are changing in the dorms.

    Are nightwear trends changing?

    Understandably there might well be a change in sleep fashion amongst the younger generations, but in fact along with drinking, smoking and 'talking after lights out', another unlikely addition has been made to the rule book at many schools. "Pyjamas with buttons" are now prohibited at quite a few schools!  It seems this rule (added to several uniform lists) has been introduced at a handful of establishments to reduce the potential administrative complication of replacing missing buttons. This curious form of nightwear dumbing down therefore encourages the use of T-shirts and track suit style pjs.... not exactly the image one might expect in the traditional school dormitory.

    Are the Great British school uniforms doomed?

    Is this really progress and where will it lead?  At this rate in twenty years’ time we can expect traditional school uniforms to consist of sweatshirts, track suit bottoms and trainers with Velcro fittings.  Not exactly the top hat and tails of Eton, blazer and boater of Harrow or gown and mortar board of Radley.  That said Radley has been pretty forward thinking as there are no buttons on a gown! 

    A stitch in time?

    Perhaps the days when a school matron would teach a pupil how to stitch back on a button are long gone, but with a well-made jacket the buttons should be pretty secure and in any case one missing button on a pyjama jacket shouldn't prove to be the end of the world and most youngsters should be able to make it through to the holidays, at which time the necessary repairs could be made.  Of course plenty of boys and girls might prefer not to have a button down jacket, but it's such a shame that the option is being removed at some schools .

    All this came to mind when a regular customer requested that we should offer 'button-free tops' for her son, in order for him to conform to the school regulations.  Ultimately we mutually concluded that this might just be one rule that really is made to be broken!

    Buttons Some schools now outlaw buttons in the dormitory
  • The long and tall of it

    When we launched PJ Pan we were determined to make comfortable pyjamas that fitted properly and that's why we avoided the option of just making three variations along the lines of small, medium and large. We started with five women's sizes ranging from an 8 to an 18 and a year later began offering numerous styles in a longer leg. The men's collection was then introduced in two leg lengths and following that we decided to introduce a third and even longer leg option on some of the women's styles.

    When we first introduced the longer length pyjamas we promoted them as exactly that, 'long'. The product was welcomed by taller customers but we received loads of feedback from people who didn't like to be considered 'long'.

    It proved the source of much debate and we dealt with conundrums such as why people are described as 'tall' and mountains are considered 'high'. We also consulted customers who generally took the view that that hair is long, not people.  On this basis we reckoned 'tall people' should wear 'long pyjamas'.  However it seemed that our taller customers didn't wish to be pigeon-holed as long, so we decided to re-label our longer pyjamas as 'tall', which seemed to work well.

    The next challenge came about when we decided to offer an even longer length pyjama set. Very similar questions arose, should we now call these double tall, tall long, extra tall or something completely different?

    We wanted to be as tactful as possible but we also needed to be clear so our customers could easily identify between different lengths. Ultimately we concluded that our three lengths would be Regular, Tall and Extra Tall.

    For some time we worried that 'extra tall' would be an unpopular term to describe pyjamas but sales have spoken volumes. As one of our 5'18” customers put it, “As far as I'm concerned you could call them beanpole – I'm just thrilled you sell pjs that fit me”.

    pyjamas in three lengths Sunday Papers pyjamas in regular, tall or extra tall
  • Nightshirts for rugby and pyjamas for dinner parties

    It appears that an ever increasing number of people are buying pyjamas for day wear or evening wear as opposed to the traditional view of using it as sleepwear. We saw hundreds of customers at the recent Spirit of Christmas fair at Olympia and met several people who had no plans to let their newly purchased nightwear meet the duvet cover.

    We met a mother buying a heavyweight brushed cotton nightshirt to use as a pull-on piece of outerwear to keep her warm when she watched her sons playing rugby, an elegant Londoner who wanted to twin our luxurious 'Blue Moon' navy pyjamas with her heels for hosting dinner parties and man who said his pj trousers would be his “Sunday wear' – not quite the traditional Sunday best!

    Unfailingly we design our luxurious nightwear with style and comfort in mind, but always with a view to sleeping in the end product. That said our cotton sateen Blue Moon pyjamas have been purposely chosen as a design and fabric that is equally suited to the bedroom as it is the dining room, so we were particularly pleased to see this had not escaped the eyes of the fashionable London crowd.

    What about the men? PJ bottoms and pull-ons seem to have become the norm in the kitchen these days, however the average alpha male might find it a little more challenging sporting a full pyjama set outside the bedroom. That said any man with extravagant and lavish tastes will be unashamedly drawn towards our Midnight Blue Paisley pyjamas whilst those looking for a slightly more understated appearance might prefer our Oxbridge Blue pyjamas. Paisley is a pattern that oozes opulence and quirkiness whereas our dark blue style with powder blue piping creates a refined and classic look. Either will cut a dash around the breakfast table, although both are liable to get you chucked out of the local supermarket.

    Wearing your nightwear outside the bedroom, even outside your house seems to be à la mode. Nowadays the message seems to be; if you've got your pyjamas, flaunt them!

    These elegant blue cotton sateen piped pyjamas ooze style PJ Pan Blue Moon pyjamas are as suited to the dining room as they are the bedroom.
  • The distant ring of sleigh bells

    It's the last week of October and we haven't really started to think about Christmas too much, but all that is about to change. Next Tuesday at 10am we will hear an announcement given over a loud PA system; “The Spirit of Christmas 2014 is now open”. For us, every year, the UK's biggest and best Christmas shopping fair marks the very beginning of the Christmas season.

    Decking the halls

    It all begins at the weekend when we drive our van down to London from our headquarters in the Highlands. Setting up then takes the best part of Sunday and Monday to ensure we are absolutely ready for the opening morning. Countless specialist retailers, several of whom stock festive goods and decorations, fill the halls of Olympia with every conceivable type of gift in anticipation of all the visitors that will browse their stalls in the ensuing days.

    A luxury shopping experience

    When Tuesday arrives shoppers begin breezing into Olympia and enjoy the luxuriously presented fair and fulfil much, if not all, of their Christmas shopping. The atmosphere is festive without being nauseating, the corks pop at champagne bar and dozens of artisan food & drink companies offer delicious tastings and insightful presentations. There can be few places where you can see so much variety under one roof. From nightwear to notepads, vodka to vintage jackets, fine chocolate to fine china, sculptures to skincare, toys to tea bags and gadgets to garlic oil, there is undoubtedly something for everyone.

    New pyjama styles being launched at this year's Spirit

    We always look forward to seeing many of our regular customers and meeting new one's too, all of whom seem to appreciate our pyjamas and our business ethic of having everything made in the UK. This year's PJ Pan stand will showcase our entirely British made nightwear collection including our new 2014 winter collection. We are also really excited about launching our all new silk ranges as well as our fist ever 'plain' pyjamas and a new round collared men's cut at this year's Spirit of Christmas.

    That festive feeling

    Everyday we encounter hundreds of Christmas shoppers and when the fair closes each evening we use our time in London to catch up with old friends. By the end of the week we will begin to feel decidedly festive and when we return to Scotland there's a very high chance that snow will be falling on the mountains. The season to be jolly will have begun, but we will have to stay focussed on customer orders right up until Father Christmas boards his sleigh.

    Come and see us

    The Spirit of Christmas takes place at Olympia Grand, Olympia London, Kensington, W14 8UX and runs from Tuesday 4th to Sunday 9th November. Open 10am to 6pm everyday except Thursday when the fair stays open until 8pm and on Sunday when it closes at 5pm. You will find us at Stand H49 ....perfectly situated between the central Louis Roederer Champagne Bar and the Orchard restaurant!

    The PJ Pan stand at Spirit of Christmas The PJ Pan collection on show in London