Not so long ago having your morning coffee, yoghurt and boiled egg in bed was a real treat and a rare luxury. For some that might still be the case yet somehow the whole concept of eating in bed seems to be slipping down the luxury list. According to one recent poll only 4% of mothers want to be brought breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day. It appears that eating in bed is now the reserve of teenagers and students who are generally only too happy to spend their evenings on the bed surfing the net with a slice of takeaway pizza in hand.

So why is it that most people would prefer their granola and omelette around the kitchen table rather than have it whilst they’re comfortably sitting under the duvet? It’s most probably down to a number of reasons the first of which is hygiene. Croissant crumbs and sploshed coffee on the duvet is a big no-no in so many ways. Then there’s the kitchen – a room that has changed hugely over time from a functional place solely for the preparation and cooking of food into a warm and comfortable living space around the increasingly enjoyed cookery and baking activities.

These days coffee is not just better, it’s also an experience. We almost want to hear the coffee machine in action or dwell over the choice of a myriad of teas. Whether its the charm of a rustic farm kitchen warmed by an AGA or the urban soft-close chic of a luxury fitted kitchen, the increasing magnetic attraction of the kitchen has led us to enjoy food and cookery more than ever before. Kitchens are now invariably regarded as the heart of the home.

We’re also a more relaxed society happy to appear in pyjamas and dressing gowns. So perhaps breakfast in bed hasn't quite been consigned to the history books – in fact its just been developed. Nowadays we simply take the bedroom to the kitchen!