With more and more people lusting over bedroom inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram and other social media networks, the trend for creating the ‘dream bedroom’ to reflect your personality and style has inspired us to create a short list of our favourite bedroom trends. With so many photogenic bedrooms about, we struggled to narrow it down to just five!

Jungle Trend

The jungle trend is a modern take on animal prints. Exotic palms are the new thing alongside retro rattans and bamboos. Bold and brash colours, vibrant patterns and a mixture of materials and textures are key to this trend. Although the psychedelic, clashing colours don’t sound too relaxing, the natural tones are known to have a calming effect.  

Jungle themed bedroom

Country Trend

The country trend is one of our favourites for the winter months. With a mixture of warm tones, prints and textures it creates the perfect cosy environment to relax and snuggle up in. The rustic theme reflects the country lifestyle, which is very relaxing.

Minimalist Monochrome Trend

Monochrome is increasingly popular, with many favouring the simplicity of the classic, timeless and peaceful look, which is exactly what a bedroom needs to feel relaxing.


Bohemian Trend

The bohemian trend combines colourful patterns and prints within an array of textures. We particularly love the burnt orange and turquoise tones in this bedroom! However, the bohemian trend is definitely not one for someone who loves clean lines and order.  

Pastel Trend

Soft pastel colours are ideal to be incorporated into a bedroom. The combination creates a sophisticated airy vibe perfect for relaxation. With pastels being a regular favourite, you can produce an elegant, timeless space dressed with trendy bedroom accessories.