One of PJ Pan's ongoing challenges is to ensure its philosophy of ‘Made in Britain’ is twinned with sourcing the finest and most ethically produced fabric from across the globe.  Several fabric bases are sourced in Turkey and one preferred mill, Soktas, has produced a new fine cotton following extensive research undertaken in partnership with the Cotton Research Institute.

Carefully developed and selected hybrid seeds were planted on the mill’s own land and the eventual result is a strong, fine and silky fibre that even rivals most Egyptian Giza fibres. The end result is exquisite and benefits from the sustainable and highly ethical production cycle from field to yarn to fabric.

The cotton is all grown in the fertile Meander Valley that many people believe to be the birthplace of cotton. The founding family behind the Mill were cotton growers here many generations before the company was founded and opened its first spinning mill.  This luxurious, fine and silky cotton is named ‘Meander 71’ after the valley it’s grown in and the launch date of the Soktas company.  To find out how more all you need to do is lay your hands on one of our premium nightwear pieces made from ‘Meander 71’, such as our Frinton Blue men’s pyjamas, Fleet Street men’s pyjamas, Fleet Street dressing gown, and Aqua Stripe ladies night wear range.

Finding the finest quality, ensuring everything is ethically sourced and having all the garment manufacturing here in the UK and achieving a garment of true quality, that should last for years, remains our goal.