Made in Britain

Luxury British made nightwear

In 2010 we made a concerted effort to have all of our cotton nightwear manufactured in the UK. Following extensive research we sourced a British manufacturer that could meet both our high standards and our goal to achieve highly competitive prices - something which isn't easy when the majority of our competitors are manufacturing overseas.

During several months of intense trialing we overcame a number of hurdles and in July 2011 we were delighted to announce that our entire nightwear collection was to be made in Britain.  This more recently includes our beautiful alpaca bed socks which are knitted in south west England.

Seeing our products being made here makes us feel proud of what we are doing and we know from customer feedback that many feel equally rewarded by purchasing locally made pyjamas and nightshirts. We know that we would be able to shave a few pounds off production costs if we manufactured overseas, but the benefits of better communication, easier accessibility and supporting our country’s manufacturing industry far outweigh any apparent saving. We feel confident that our pyjamas are fairly priced and we have yet to come across any other pyjamas at our price level which are of a similarly high quality.  We realise you can of course buy cheaper pyjamas elsewhere but we very much doubt they will be manufactured in Britain, made using such beautiful cotton and finished with detail such as real shell buttons.  Like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

We are constantly eager to make enhancements and developments to our collection and being able to see and speak to our manufacturer on a regular basis makes everything easier and more efficient.  We are very lucky to have a fantastic relationship with our factory and long may it last!

At PJ Pan we are proud to be British and delighted to be manufacturing 100% of our nightwear in the UK.