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  1. UK manufacturing makes good progress

    UK manufacturing makes good progress

    It's great news for 'Made in Britain' supporters after the Office for National Statistics published figures showing that manufacturing output had grown by 1% in February from January, pushing year on year growth to 3.8%. Effectively UK manufacturing output is now at its highest level in two and a half years. There is still a long way to go, especially...
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  2. The naked truth about working from home

    The naked truth about working from home

    A recent study has revealed that a fifth of all home workers stay in their pyjamas all day. A much smaller number, just 2% revealed that they work naked (as illustrated by the lady sitting at Steuart Padwick's Stroller Desk for the UK company MADE). Those who work from home claim it is a better environment to focus as they...
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  3. Millions of Brits Spend their Evenings in Pyjamas

    Millions of Brits Spend their Evenings in Pyjamas

    A recent study has revealed that after a busy day at work millions of adults in the UK return home and immediately get into their pyjamas. The study, which was commissioned by Premier Inn,  found that one in ten of us gets straight into our nightwear immediately after arriving home from work. Typically, however, the British population tends to jump...
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  4. Are Pyjamas Saving Lives?

    Are Pyjamas Saving Lives?

    The health benefits of copper have been well known for a long time as it’s a vital trace element for all living things. Now clinical trials have begun to see if copper infused pyjamas really are a cure for the hospital superbug, MRSA? In December 2012 a woman nearly died after contracting MRSA, however she claims her life was saved...
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  5. Pyjamas to match my fish?

    Pyjamas to match my fish?

    Imagine our surprise to hear from a customer looking for pyjamas to match his fish!  After double checking that we hadn't misheard the request and we weren't the victim of an obscure prank, our dalliance with the aquatic world of fish in pyjamas began. Our task was to find a pair of pjs that would match a 'Pyjama Wrasse'.  A...
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  6. Last Minute Ladies?

    Last Minute Ladies?

    According to a recent survey Christmas shoppers who complete all their gift-buying in November can expect to save more than £80 on their total spend. The research undertaken by Secretsales, who surveyed 2000 adults, revealed some interesting statistics. The survey tells us that 10% of shoppers begin their Christmas shopping during the January sales and nearly half of shoppers bought...
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  7. Spooky stuff

    Spooky stuff

    Hugh Hefner perpetually appears to be ready for bed and he seems to have pyjamas for just about every occasion.  A quick search on Google Images and you'll see him sporting an array of blue, green, purple and black pjs. It also goes without saying that in most of the snaps he's also arm in arm with a half naked...
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  8. New Pyjama Site Goes Live

    New Pyjama Site Goes Live

    For much of this year the team at PJ Pan has been busy behind the scenes creating an all new website. The new site, which went live in mid-September, features a fresh new look and benefits from much greater functionality. Customers will now be able to browse for nightwear by size, colour and style - and there's even a feature...
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  9. Running the Country in Pyjamas?

    Running the Country in Pyjamas?

    David Cameron admitted last week that he sometimes works in his pyjamas before changing into his suit.  The Prime Minister revealed his wardrobe secret when being questioned by people from around the world ahead of this week’s G8 summit.   Whilst on the BBC’s World Have Your Say Programme, he faced some questions about whether he found it difficult living...
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