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  1. Spooky stuff

    Spooky stuff

    Hugh Hefner perpetually appears to be ready for bed and he seems to have pyjamas for just about every occasion.  A quick search on Google Images and you'll see him sporting an array of blue, green, purple and black pjs. It also goes without saying that in most of the snaps he's also arm in arm with a half naked...
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  2. New Pyjama Site Goes Live

    New Pyjama Site Goes Live

    For much of this year the team at PJ Pan has been busy behind the scenes creating an all new website. The new site, which went live in mid-September, features a fresh new look and benefits from much greater functionality. Customers will now be able to browse for nightwear by size, colour and style - and there's even a feature...
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  3. Running the Country in Pyjamas?

    Running the Country in Pyjamas?

    David Cameron admitted last week that he sometimes works in his pyjamas before changing into his suit.  The Prime Minister revealed his wardrobe secret when being questioned by people from around the world ahead of this week’s G8 summit.   Whilst on the BBC’s World Have Your Say Programme, he faced some questions about whether he found it difficult living...
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  4. Living on only British-Made Products – is it Possible?

    Meet the Bradshaws.  A British family on a mission to see whether they can survive for a  year on only British-made goods.  Over three months in and it all seems to be going pretty well.  “The last three months have actually been really good fun, says Emily Bradshaw. “We’re still quite surprised by the level of enthusiasm for what we’re...
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  5. Hope You’re Wearing Your Pyjamas To Work Today…

    Hope You’re Wearing Your Pyjamas To Work Today…

    The country’s pyjama extravaganza is under way and we are hoping our PJ Pan customers have thrown caution to the wind by wearing their pyjamas to work to raise money for Red Nose Day. From the heights of skyscrapers to the tunnels of the London Dungeons, workers across the country united this week to urge everyone to get sponsored and...
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  6. Sleep Easy in British Made Pyjamas

    Sleep Easy in British Made Pyjamas

    It seems that more than ever brands are keen to slap Union Jack labels on their products and underline their British heritage. Fashion designers and brands in the UK associate the “Made in Britain” tag with loyalty, quality and sustainability and it seems the public are quite rightly buying into this too. However within the fashion sector, perception of the...
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  7. Don’t sleep in your suit Beefy! PJ’s surely?

    Don’t sleep in your suit Beefy! PJ’s surely?

    As usual Sky Sports provided live coverage of yet another major sporting event. This time it was the India v England Test Match that started in Ahmedabad this week. Unusually however, Sky Sports did not have any commentators at the ground. The Indian Cricket Board had apparently sought extra payments to accommodate the television staff at each stadium – and...
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  8. Go Pyjamas with Blue Peter!

    The world’s longest-running children’s programme, Blue Peter, is challenging children and their families to get sponsored to wear their pyjamas during the day for BBC Children in Need. The television show, an institution in the UK, is encouraging people to host pyjama parties, wear their pjs at school or even organise a sponsored nightwear walk. If you can work out...
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  9. You say Pajamas, I say Pyjamas!

    We all know what we mean, but we tend to fall into one spelling camp or the other.  In fact it seems that just about everyone is using a correct spelling of the word ‘pyjamas’.  According to the Oxford English Dictionary both ‘pajamas’ and ‘pyjamas’ are correct spellings and we are told the word derives from a Persian word for...
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  10. Hot Chocolate in Pyjamas

    Hot Chocolate in Pyjamas

    Curl up in your pyjamas with a warming mug of cocoa.  It is now thought that drinking cocoa at bedtime could help stave off memory problems in elderly people, reports The Daily Telegraph.  Cocoa contains high levels of flavonols, which are also found in tea, grapes, red wine and apples.  These are throught to protect brain cells from damage – a...
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