The health benefits of copper have been well known for a long time as it’s a vital trace element for all living things. Now clinical trials have begun to see if copper infused pyjamas really are a cure for the hospital superbug, MRSA? In December 2012 a woman nearly died after contracting MRSA, however she claims her life was saved by a pair of copper pyjamas. Hospital consultants were amazed whilst monitoring the recovery and a full scale clinical trial into the use of copper-infused clothing has now begun.

Several days after having a caesarean, Gemma Wilbys, 30, was diagnosed with the flesh-eating bug. She underwent emergency surgery, maggot therapy and was prescribed cocktail of drugs, however her aggressive MRSA remained out of control. Gemma was even warned that she could die. It was an eighteen year old family friend, Amber McCleary, who put her A level science to use and approached inventor Paula Ward to come up with the copper pyjamas.

“I honestly believe I owe my life to the PJs. I think hospitals up and down the country should make copper-infused clothing and bedding mandatory”, said Gemma who believes her experience could help ­revolutionise the NHS fight against deadly superbugs . Gemma, recalls how her C-section scar spread 10 inches from hip to hip and an overpowering stench of rotting flesh. She said, “Amber brought me copper PJs, bedding, socks and a gown. It was incredible. The nurses took swabs from my stomach and a few days after wearing the copper clothing they came back negative. They couldn’t believe it. The infection was gone and the open wound was shrinking.”  Once Gemma had full recovered, Amber and the Copper Clothing team met five leading consultants of the Medical Specialist Advisory Board. The consultants were amazed and are now putting forward four ­products to the ethics committee to trial at Croydon Hospital. Consultant obstetrician Abdul Sultan said: “This clothing may have the potential to make a real difference in treatment.”

It’s a wonderful story and with a little good fortune it could lead to a much needed treatment of a horrible bug feared by hospitals and patients alike.

Copper pyjamas may save lives? Copper pyjamas may save lives?