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  1. Where would you like to wake up?

    Where would you like to wake up?

    We've compiled a short-list of our five top hotel bedrooms across the world. With so many to choose from we could compile a list of hundreds!
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  2. Luxury Pyjamas

    Luxury Pyjamas

    Designer luxury pyjamas have had quite a bit of airtime over the past year or two. We take a look at the options.
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  3. An anniversary to remember

    An anniversary to remember

    So, what's the most important thing about a wedding anniversary?  That's right.... remembering it.  You really do not want to be the one half of a marital union that forgets!  Thankfully, with modern technology it's easy to set reminders, but it's perhaps shrewd to set it a few days before the actual date. Most married couples will follow a long...
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  4. Soporific Songs

    Soporific Songs

    You're in your pyjamas, you've been tucked in bed for half an hour and you're ready for sleep, but now you’re tossing and turning because you just cannot wind down and doze off. The scenario is made even more infuriating because falling asleep is almost inevitably most difficult whenever you need some sleep the most. Of course there are all...
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  5. Loyalty has its rewards

    Loyalty has its rewards

    Loyalty should have its benefits and we are delighted to see that so many of our regular customers are now making savings by using the PJ Points they've collected. The only thing customers need to do is set up an account when making a purchase, after which points will be automatically credited on that and all future purchases. You earn...
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  6. Looking back at last year's highlights

    Looking back at last year's highlights

    Loyalty Programme We launched a Loyalty Programme enabling customers to earn PJ Points on every purchase and social media interaction.  Points are then converted into a cash value and can be redeemed against future orders. The Silk Route We introduced our first ever silk pyjama range within the women’s collection.  The plain silks proved to be a big hit with...
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  7. Farewell to the cat's pyjamas

    Farewell to the cat's pyjamas

    Back in 2006 during PJ Pan's formative days I had re-negotiated my full time role at a party planning business and I began learning about cottons, pattern cutting and clothing manufacture from our home in Surrey. It was then on one dark wet day, while I was plotting PJ Pan's future, that I spotted a nervous little kitten on our...
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  8. Decisions, decisions...

    Decisions, decisions...

    It's that time of year again when we finalise plans for our winter 2015 nightwear collection and consider our fabric choices for the spring and summer of 2016. We are forever caught in a balancing act of retaining a handful of our staples and adding in selected new lines to compliment our extensive range of styles and fabrics. Stripes, checks...
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  9. Traditional pyjamas for traditional schools?

    Traditional pyjamas for traditional schools?

    When one conjures up the idea of a British boarding school the image of young teenagers sporting traditional flannel pyjamas, woollen dressing gowns and slippers springs to mind.  The likes of Harry Potter and his chums Ron and Hermione would be seen in nothing else in their dormitory at Hogwarts.  Preparatory school dormitories certainly resembled all this a few years ago...
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  10. The long and tall of it

    The long and tall of it

    When we launched PJ Pan we were determined to make comfortable pyjamas that fitted properly and that's why we avoided the option of just making three variations along the lines of small, medium and large. We started with five women's sizes ranging from an 8 to an 18 and a year later began offering numerous styles in a longer leg...
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