In the past few days we've compiled a short-list of our five top hotel bedrooms across the world. The increasing popularity and quality of boutique hotels makes a task like this nigh on impossible to undertake. With so many to choose from we could compile a list of hundreds! There are so many things to consider; the comfort of the bed is vital, the location has a huge impact and the view can change everything.

We started by short-listing the sumptuous bedrooms at The Nines Hotel, across the pond in Portland, Oregon. Here Art Deco elegance meets modern touch and style; goose down pillows and beautifully styled curtains give a dreamy look to the room. Moreover 350 thread-count sheets and a super-soft duvet will whisk you away into a dreamland in no time.

Altitude seekers will find it hard to resist Chalet Panmah situated in the French resort of Courcheval 1850. It's super stylish, acceptably beige and priced accordingly! The master bedroom is reported to be supplied with nine divine pillows.

Main bedroom at Chalet Panmeh Chalet Panmah, the perfect alpine retreat.

Closer to home you could head to the Caledonian in Edinburgh where you could enjoy supremely comfortable beds, huge fluffy pillows and the illustrious view directly towards the castle. Those in need of a touch more sunshine and a good deal more wildlife might be attracted to the secluded Ol Donyo Lodge in Kenya. With majestic views towards Mount Kilimanjaro you could choose to sleep under the stars in one of the rooftop beds while listening to the sounds of the African savannah.

Our favourite is the Serai near Jaisalmer in India. This immaculate Rajasthan desert camp provides tented bedrooms with every possible luxury and indulgence. Anyone fearing the concept of sleeping under canvas will be converted by a brief stay at the Serai. It's hard to imagine a more dreamy bedroom to wake up in. A picture of one of the exquisite camp tents says it all. Bliss...

Beautiful camp tent The luxuriously finished camps at the Serai