More and more people are finding a way to escape for a short break without the hassle of 'checking in' and lugging around a large suitcase. Pull-along cabin size bags are a must have travel essential these days, but you'll need to pack cleverly and sparingly.  Most importantly you'll need to keep to the regulations on fluids and ensure you don't exceed the cabin baggage size limits.  Your booking confirmation will give exact size restrictions for your airline's cabin baggage.

One essential trick to taking the maximum amount of clothes, with only one small bag, is to wear your bulkiest items such as shoes, jackets, jeans and jumpers when boarding the plane. The flip-flops, shorts and t-shirts stay in the bag.  Most people, men and women alike, have a tendency to pack too much.  Just think how often you've returned from a holiday a not worn certain pieces.  It's worth bearing in mind that in most places you'll be able to wash stuff too. Take your essential toiletries (under 100ml each) in a clear bag but buy your sun cream at the airport so you'll get enough to last the break.

The most commonly forgotten items include sunglasses (which could be worn to save space), travel adaptors and phone chargers. Quite a few forget to pack any nightwear. Of course we all know nightwear is optional, but if you are a pj wearer avoid taking full length sets. On the knee pyjama shorts or Kikoys are ideal for men and are far more comfortable for sleep than boxer shorts. Women can minimise packing space by twinning a vest tops with a pair of women's sleep shorts.

Curiously, nowadays, fewer people than you might imagine actually forget their toothbrush. You're more likely to forget your driving licence, passport or even your ticket.

Hand luggage Travelling with only hand luggage can make journeys less stressful