Meet the Bradshaws.  A British family on a mission to see whether they can survive for a  year on only British-made goods.  Over three months in and it all seems to be going pretty well.

 “The last three months have actually been really good fun, says Emily Bradshaw. “We’re still quite surprised by the level of enthusiasm for what we’re doing and the support we’ve had.

“There’s still a few things we can’t find or that we’ve been limited by, but I think we’re proof that it is currently bearable,” says James.

Emily Bradshaw on the hunt for British-made products:

PJ Pan first came across the Bradshaws on the BBC news one morning and of course we quickly got in touch, not only to praise what they were doing but also to introduce them to our British-made pyjamas.  It appears they initially struggled to find everyday items, like nappies, batteries and even British-made clothes, but after extensive research online and help from media exposure, James and Emily have been genuinely surprised by how much is in fact still made in Britain.

“We’ve neglected manufacturing for such a long time, and it’s actually just such a positive sign that there’s anyone making anything left in this country,” says James.

“Getting people to buy British again – that’s got to be a great cause.

“We just need to raise the profile of the fantastic stuff we still produce in this country.”

Keep up the good work Bradshaws!