It appears that an ever increasing number of people are buying pyjamas for day wear or evening wear as opposed to the traditional view of using it as sleepwear. We saw hundreds of customers at the recent Spirit of Christmas fair at Olympia and met several people who had no plans to let their newly purchased nightwear meet the duvet cover.

We met a mother buying a heavyweight brushed cotton nightshirt to use as a pull-on piece of outerwear to keep her warm when she watched her sons playing rugby, an elegant Londoner who wanted to twin our luxurious 'Blue Moon' navy pyjamas with her heels for hosting dinner parties and man who said his pj trousers would be his “Sunday wear' – not quite the traditional Sunday best!

Unfailingly we design our luxurious nightwear with style and comfort in mind, but always with a view to sleeping in the end product. That said our cotton sateen Blue Moon pyjamas have been purposely chosen as a design and fabric that is equally suited to the bedroom as it is the dining room, so we were particularly pleased to see this had not escaped the eyes of the fashionable London crowd.

What about the men? PJ bottoms and pull-ons seem to have become the norm in the kitchen these days, however the average alpha male might find it a little more challenging sporting a full pyjama set outside the bedroom. That said any man with extravagant and lavish tastes will be unashamedly drawn towards our Midnight Blue Paisley pyjamas whilst those looking for a slightly more understated appearance might prefer our Oxbridge Blue pyjamas. Paisley is a pattern that oozes opulence and quirkiness whereas our dark blue style with powder blue piping creates a refined and classic look. Either will cut a dash around the breakfast table, although both are liable to get you chucked out of the local supermarket.

Wearing your nightwear outside the bedroom, even outside your house seems to be à la mode. Nowadays the message seems to be; if you've got your pyjamas, flaunt them!

These elegant blue cotton sateen piped pyjamas ooze style PJ Pan Blue Moon pyjamas are as suited to the dining room as they are the bedroom.