David Cameron admitted last week that he sometimes works in his pyjamas before changing into his suit.  The Prime Minister revealed his wardrobe secret when being questioned by people from around the world ahead of this week’s G8 summit.   Whilst on the BBC’s World Have Your Say Programme, he faced some questions about whether he found it difficult living and working in the same place.  A caller from Turkey asked if he ever had to work in his pj’s.  Cameron replied saying: “I get up pretty early in the morning and I start work before I get dressed into all of this.  So I suppose the short answer to that is, yes”.

This revelation is likely to reinforce Mr Cameron’s reputation for informality and may even help silence those who have recently accused the Prime Minister of not working long enough hours.  He also revealed that he likes to go to bed early and run and play tennis at least once a week.

PM at AM – how the Prime Minister may look in his pyjamas 


I think it’s time to introduce Mr Cameron to PJ Pan’s British-made pyjamas….